When The Full Moon Shines on T.E.M.S. CD compilation [2010-12-15]

2010-12-15 15:16:51 +0300

Tunguska Electronic Music Society has just released a compilation titled Chernobyl Retrospective, which includes my track, When The Full Moon Shines.

When The Full Moon Shines fits perfectly into the mood of the new Tunguska's compilation. Originally I wrote this instrumental composition during my Avoid The Wrong Shadows suite. The full title of the track is When The Full Moon Shines (Tir-na Nog'th). I am very pleased that Tunguska Electronic Music Society included this song in their compilation. Chernobyl Retrospective also includes very interesting works of other artists, e.g. Olga Scotland, Skysonic Destiny and others.

All tracks can be downloaded using the link above.

Listen to Elena Stepanova — When The Full Moon Shines (Tir-na Nog'th):

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