Priestess of Candlelight. Book 1. Fragments

Elena Stepanova. "Priestess of Candlelight. Book 1. Fragments"


“Priestess Of Candlelight: Book 1. Fragments” is the first book in the series, originally conceived as a trilogy to be published along with the electronic music albums, “Rainbow Hunter” (2005) and “Runology” (2012) by Argonika and Helga’s Ephemeris respectively (both are Elena Stepanova’s works).

The novel takes place in three time "layers" (the end of the 1960s, the beginning of the 1990s and the end of the '00s) and in different countries (Great Britain, Russia, Germany). Real events are intertwined with visions, evoking memories of long-gone worlds; mysticism and magic play as important a role as psychological conflicts of the main characters.

Style: magical realism, fantasy, psychological drama.

Book details:
ISBN: 978-1-79475-770-7
Language: Russian
Size: A5
Pages: 182
Weight: 0.72 lbs

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