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2019-10-01 04:31:00 +0400

Since 2003 my blog lived on livejournal.com, then I started posting on blogspot.com, too, and that was until I opened my website, www.etherstrings.ru. On livejournal.com, in addition to my music, I published my "Notes from zeitnot" (no longer relevant and for this reason removed from public domain); blogspot.com was used to host my articles on the history of music technology. Also, my posts were on Google Plus and social networks for quite some time.

Here, at www.etherstrings.ru, I am making an attempt to put everything together (and at the same time to get rid of what is outdated). I am going to keep some of my old entries that have not lost their relevance. From time to time I resume the process of moving/restoring blog posts. Some pictures were lost due to the blog’s migration, first from social networks to my website, then from one website engine to another (which happened in the spring of 2019). So when I find them (or a replacement for some of them), I upload them to my Flickr.com account to share here.

Topics I'm going to keep writing about:

  • my music;
  • my releases;
  • my news;
  • my books, stories, etc;
  • unusual musical instruments;
  • other people's music;
  • other people's thoughts that inspire me;
  • etc.

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