Elena Stepanova: discography & chronology

2001 — Elena Stepanova "Priestess Of Candlelight" novel (fantasy, magical realism, psychological drama).

2003 — Helga's Ephemeris "Ephemeris Suite" — aleatorics, ambient, sound collages.

2005 — Argonika "Rainbow Hunter" CD — trip hop, chillout, downtempo, synth-pop.

2008 — Elena Stepanova "Dance With The Ghost" (Internet release) — electronic experimental music, sound art, ambient, new age.

2009 — Elena Stepanova "Dreams Of Yridvea" (book and music). Genre: sci-fi. The text, "Worlds of Eihea", is published as a part of "Priestess of Candllelight" trilogy, in the Book 2 (currently in Russian only).

2012 — Helga's Ephemeris "Runology" CD — new age, electronica, ambient.

2015 — Elena Stepanova "Amber Sketches Vol. I" (Internet release) — electronic experimental music.

2016 — Etherstrings "Psy+" suite — electronic experimental music, ambient, sound art.

2017 — Etherstrings "Auraworx" — electronic experimental music, ambient, sound art.

2017–2019 — Elena Stepanova: continuation of the "Priestess Of Candlelight" trilogy, "Book 2. Dream Veil" and "Book 3. Born at Dusk".